Mercedes Benz Repair Dallas

Your Mercedes-Benz is so smart, it practically looks out for itself.


Look no further than your dashboard for a service reminder from your Mercedes-Benz Maintenance System. It will track the distance driven and the time elapsed since your last service. It will also calculate service items that need to be performed and other required maintenance work. When the time comes, the system will inform you of the next necessary maintenance service through the multifunction display in the instrument cluster.

On each service visit, a Mercedes-Benz factory-trained technician will follow and complete a Service Sheet specific to your vehicle model and perform an inspection of vital components for performance and safety based on the required service indicated by your Maintenance System.

The value of the time and cost you’ll invest in your maintenance service is undeniable. More than just an oil change, this comprehensive inspection provides you with extra peace of mind. With each visit, key components of your vehicle are inspected throughout the engine compartment, interior, exterior, underside, wheels, brakes and trunk. Careful monitoring and regular maintenance of these systems and components will help ensure your Mercedes-Benz provides you with years of safe and reliable driving.

In addition to a comprehensive inspection, depending on your vehicle’s specified interval, additional services will be required such as replacing your air filter, fuel filter, coolant or transmission fluid as well as others.

For more information, please refer to the Service Booklet (included with your vehicle). It provides full descriptions of the servicing required as indicated on the maintenance readout on your multifunction display.

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