Dallas Audi Service

We here at Cedar Performance have taken the extra steps necessary to ensure that we are able to successfully service and maintain all aspects of your Audi.  In addition to training and continuing education, we have purchased the equipment required to mark and reset factory service intervals. This means that our servicing does not void your factory or aftermarket warranty.

Dallas Audi Repair

Not all shops in Dallas are willing to repair your Audi, and not all those willing are capable.  Having your Audi repaired in Dallas with Cedar Performance you can rest assured that your Audi is in the hands of trained Audi Specialists.  Factory training however, does not mean factory pricing.  Being independent allows us to buy parts from the after market for repairs, and pass the savings along to you.  

Audi Performance Dallas

Cedar Performance was founded primarily as a retro-fitting specialist for Audi vehicles, and gradually by demand we have grown our business into a one stop shop for all Audi and Volkswagen Group vehicles. As far as performance goes, we have the equipment necessary to custom flash tune your Audi in Dallas today.  Just give us a call, we don't need your car for two weeks while we mail it out.  We will get it taken care of in-house.

Audi Dallas Parts

Do you prefer to service your own vehicle?  Are you looking to buy OEM or Aftermarket Audi Parts in Dallas, Plano, Arlington, Richardson, Garland or elsewhere?  Cedar Performance can help.   We carry parts and materials to service, repair, and upgrade your Audi.  Simply call us to place an order, and in many cases the parts are able to be picked up same-day.